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North American Rotary
Disaster Relief Workshop
New Orleans, Louisiana & Bay St Louis, Mississippi

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January 11th - 13th, 2007
Photographer - Michael
  • Day 02b: Opening of the Disaster Workshop - New Orleans, Louisiana (January 11th)
  • Day 02c: Defining Rotary's Role - New Orleans, Louisiana (January 11th)
  • Day 03a: Workshops: Partnering, Call to Action, Preplanning & Preparation - New Orleans, Louisiana (January 12th)
  • Day 03b: Bus Tour: Lake Shore & Upper and Lower 9th Wards - New Orleans, Louisiana (January 12th)
  • Day 03c: Bus Tour: 9th Ward & on towards Mississippi - New Orleans, Louisiana (January 12th)
  • Day 03d: Bus Tour: Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi (January 12th)
  • Day 03e: Bus Tour: Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi (January 12th)
  • Day 03f: Food Fest: Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi (January 12th)
  • Day 03g: Food Fest: Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi (January 12th)
  • Day 04a: Workshop: Use of Foundations, Using our Rotary Network, Communcation & Publicity - New Orleans, Louisiana (January 13th)
  • Day 04b: Closing Plenary Session - New Orleans, Louisiana (January 13th)

    Links to Web Sites discussed during the conference:
    Rotary Zones 33 & 34: Twin Club Program
    Rotary Zones 25-26 & 29-30: Hurricane Relief
    District And Club DataBase
    Rotarians on the Internet

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